Optrex Night Protect Moisturising Gel Drops

Dry Eye symptoms can become progressively worse throughout the day as we can be continually exposed to triggers such as computer screens, air conditioning, contact lens, heating or medications.

Product Description

Therefore, by night time our eyes can feel dry, irritated and tired.

This is why Optrex has created Optrex Night Protect Moisturising Gel drops, designed to restore the eye’s moisture at night time and provide lasting protection from discomfort.

The time spent asleep is the perfect opportunity for dry eye treatment to help restore moisture to the ocular surface.

Optrex Night Protect Moisturising Gel drops contains sodium hyaluronate and its high viscosity helps keep the treatment in the eye after lying down, so that it is convenient and easy to use, drip free and mess free*.

After washing your hands, apply 1 or 2 drops of Optrex Night Protect Moisturising Gel drops into each eye before going to sleep, simply directing the drop into a small pocket just inside the eyelid created by pulling the lower lid down, so that by morning your eyes will feel refreshed** and ready for the day ahead.

Product Code: 09300711302167